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"Dr.Spears and his staff were absolutely amazing before, during, and after my sons procedure. Everyone was so knowledgeable and made my husband and I feel a ease through the entire process."

"The staff and Dr. Spears are so wonderful here! Our infant had a tongue tie and they had the time to inform us all about the procedure to release it and about tongue ties themselves. We weren't pressured into any decisions and the procedure was really fast and neatly done. Wish I could give 10 stars!"

"Dr. Spears and his staff were amazing to work with. They explained everything they were going to do and made us as parents feel comfortable with the treatment our child received. We would recommend them to anyone."

"Our 10 year old twins both had their tongue release with Dr. Spears. Everyone in the office treated them with kindness and respect. They answered our girls questions and made them feel comfortable. Dr. Spears did an excellent job and we are already seeing improvements for both girls. One was having speech and the other feeding issues. A quick and efficient operation and I would recommend. We will be bringing our other daughter for her realize when ready."

"The entire staff was incredible. My son had a frenectomy and I was very nervous but the nurse explained everything in great detail. Dr. Spears was very comforting to me and my son both and took great care of him. They really cared about our experience and made it great. Highly recommend them."

"We had a wonderful experience with Crestview Dental. They were very kind and professional and did a fantastic job releasing my infants ties. It's a very nerve-wrecking procedure, but they go out of their way to make sure you are educated on the procedure, your questions are answered and that you feel comfortable during and after the procedure. They are a fantastic team. Thank you Dr. Spears!"

"The best staff! They did my 3mo's revisions and were so informative, friendly, and warm, absolutely put me at ease while I was nervous about the procedure."

"They were all so awesome from the time I got there, to the time I left. Tommy Spears and his staff helped me with all my questions and concerns and I felt I and my son were very valued. 10/10 would recommend any and everyone to come here, Liam had his tongue tie and cheek ties taken care of and by the time I got home he was smiling!"

"My 6 day old had a laser frenectomy with Dr.Spears! The whole experience was more than expected. The entire staff showed such care and compassion for their patients. My husband and I left feeling very confident with post care of our baby. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone in need of this procedure."

"Absolutely hands down the best, they took great care of my 7 week old son when it came to his procedure. Couldn't have asked for a better dentist."

"Took both my babies here to get lip and tongue ties reduced. Literally the best people and Dr. Spears is amazing! 100% recommended."

"I had to take my 7 week old to have her tongue tie fixed and I was so nervous but they were great. I 100% recommend them. Dr . Spears made sure I understood everything and he had the sweetest nurses. I loved that they prayed over her before beginning."

"Dr. Spears and the staff were phenomenal- knowledgeable, informative, and incredibly empathetic. Would highly recommend for baby (or any age) tongue/lip tie revisions."

"I came in nervous, and I left with new friends. Every staff member I met was so full of knowledge and so kind. Each one made sure I felt comfortable with the entire process. They took time explaining what ties were and why my baby needed his fixed- because not every baby needs theirs fixed! At the end of the appointment, they gave me a packet of information so I didn’t have to remember everything they said, and had me wait in the car. They brought him back out to me after the procedure was done and waited there with me until he calmed down and was nursing. Bonus- we saw a black bear down the road minding his own business and talked to some of the nicest people in the parking lot while we waited!"

"We're thankful that we were recommended to Bethany and Dr. Spears at Crestview Dental/TN Orofacial Myology! They have been incredible with helping our son stop his nighttime mouth breathing and bedwetting. All of the staff we've met have been so caring and kind. Can't recommend him highly enough!"

"My experience was fantastic. Shortly after birth, my son was having difficulty feeding efficiently. Having trained with Dr. Spears and his staff previously, I knew I could count on them to perform his tongue, lip and buccal tie release procedure. Scheduling was efficient, all procedures were explained thoroughly, and I know the outcome will be life changing. Thank you Dr. Spears and Staff!"

"My son had a frenotomy here and I cannot say enough great things about this place! They were all so nice and efficient. Christen educated us very well on the procedure and the aftercare. Dr. Spears is amazing and so kind and they all took such good care of my baby boy. The procedure was so quick AND they prayed over my boy before the procedure which I appreciated so much! I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone!"

"Got our daughters lip, tongue and cheek ties fixed here. They did an amazing job and gave us all the information we needed care for her after the procedure. Very friendly staff. We chose the right people for her care. Highly recommend!"

"Thank you for the great care and offering this unique procedure.  After my tongue tie release, I can turn my head fully, have less tightness and pain through my entire body.  It's amazing that the fascia restricted at the tongue goes all the way down to the bottom of your feet! I feel less restriction in my shoulders and chest and my hip joint that had chronic pain until recently also moving more freely.  Pretty cool stuff!"

"We had a wonderful experience with rising our 2 month of son's tongue and cheek ties. The staff are excellent-- very compassionate, caring and professional. It was absolutely worth the 2 hour drive for this procedure."

"Our 2 week old daughter had lip, tongue, and buccal ties that were making it impossible to breastfeed. Our lactation consultant recommended laser and specifically with Dr. Spears. The whole staff, including the physician, were so welcoming and explained everything in thorough detail. We felt so comfortable with them performing her procedure, and instantly, we noticed a difference in her tongue movement and ability to suck on a bottle with ease. 100% recommend this office!"

"Beyond grateful for Dr. Spears and his staff for answering all our questions about our little ones ties.We are very lucky to have him in the East TN area. His work goes beyond latching/ties. Highly recommend him!"

- AMY H.
"We had a great experience with Dr. Spears and his staff taking care of my daughter's tongue tie! Kristen explained everything thoroughly and made me feel at ease. All the staff we worked with were so friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell that they genuinely care about their patients. 10/10 recommend!"

"I have been going to Dr. Spears since I was little and always have had a great experience. He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and worked with my tight schedule. They are so friendly and it is the only place I’d want to go for dental care! Definitely recommend."

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Spears and his team. My daughter was just 5 days old and desperately needed her oral ties fixed for her to properly latch and feed. They were extremely accommodating and worked us in the same day we called. Kristen was so kind and explained the procedure and what to expect afterwards so well. They did an excellent job and my daughter latched again immediately after the procedure. I was an emotional wreck and Dr. Spears and his team were so understanding and kind to us. I’m eternally grateful to them and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone! Thank you all so much."

"I am so pleased with everything about this place. They were so helpful for my daughters tongue tie procedure."

"Had my newborns tongue tie, lip tie done here today and truly was an amazing experience other than hearing my baby cry. They made sure to make me feel safe and have all the information needed to care for my little one. Great experience. Would recommend to anyone needing the procedure!"

"Our Infant had a lip/ tongue tie release with laser with Dr. Spears and he was great! I felt comfortable having my two month old get this procedure done! They provide a very through education session prior to the procedure!"

"The staff is prompt, kind and so knowledgeable. My daughter had her frenectomy done today and it went soooo smoothly! I'm grateful to the staff for making such a good experience. Highly recommend Dr. Spears!"

"So happy we found Dr. Spears! He was great with our 4th month old. He explained things throughly, I didn't feel like he was in a rush and you can tell he really cared about his patients. My husband and I will be seeing him now as well!"

"My one week old son had a tongue tie release today. The procedure was quick but the follow up care is more involved than I would have expected, that aspect shocked me a bit but the team did an excellent job of explaining the process to me and taking the time to ensure I felt comfortable before moving forward. They were kind, patient and I trusted my little guy in their care. I do feel I have the tools needed to help him moving forward and would recommend this team to anyone needing the care they provide. Thanks!"

"I felt like we were informed and that the staff truly had our baby's interest at heart. His procedure, I believe, went very well and he seems to be healing very well."

"Dr. Spears and his entire staff were absolutely INCREDIBLE. They made me feels safe, secure, and confident about the procedure given to my newborn. I will always recommend Dr. Spears to ANYONE I know. He was amazing. Thank You!"

"My experience with Tennessee Orofacial Myology was--and continues to be--simply awesome. From the time I was diagnosed to surgery to therapy to support healing, the professionals were supportive, friendly, helpful, and all the other words that can be used to describe an experience that could have been traumatic for an adult who until recently had no idea that I would benefit from a tongue release. Dr. Spears and his assistants guided me through the process. I am so pleased with my own outcome and also pleased that Dr. Spears and his associates are now affiliated with The Breathe Institute."

"The whole procedure was really painless, and everyone was very comforting throughout the process. Prior to the release I was having some jaw pain, but it immediately started feeling better afterwards. I also feel like I've been sleeping a bit better since the procedure. Lastly, the healing process has been a good experience, and I'm looking forward to seeing other improvements." 

"I had a tongue tie release procedure performed 8 days ago and am amazed at the results.  The procedure was quick and painless.  Immediately, I felt the tension in my neck released and I felt like I had mobility that I have never experienced before. In regard to range of motion, I have more freedom with my tongue, making it easier to more thoroughly chew my food.  I also have noticed some improvement in my sleep.  Before the procedure, I used to wake up 2-3 times a night.  For the past several nights, I have slept the entire night through and have experienced less daytime drowsiness.  I am grateful to the doctors for the opportunity to have this procedure done!" 

“This is our second child who we’ve taken to Dr. Spears for tongue and lip revisions. We  knew it made such a huge impact on our first daughter that we would seek his help  again if our second had ties. She’s just 2 days old and I was so thankful he was able to  work us into his schedule. He and his team are wonderful and I wouldn’t be able to  nurse successfully without them!”  

- Katherine W.
“Dr Spears and staff are awesome! Had my son’s tongue tie revision done by them and  they were amazing. Very informative of all the details and put us at ease. Procedure  took all of 3 min and they brought him right out and he was fine. Breastfeeding has  already improved and it hasn’t even been 24 hours.”

“Great experience with Kristen and Dr. Spears. They performed a tongue & lip tie  revision on my son and made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. You can tell  they know what they are doing and are very passionate about it. Would definitely  recommend!”  

“We saw Dr. Spears for lip/tongue/cheek ties for my 3.5 week old son. Exceptional staff!  Exceptional care! Couldn’t say better things!” 

“We came to Crestview Dental Care for a tongue and lip tie revision for our 3 month old  son. Everyone that we interacted with was very kind, explained things well, and made  us and our baby as comfortable as possible considering the circumstances. The  procedure was over in just a few minutes and was successful. We would definitely  recommend Dr. Spears and his team for any tongue or lip tie revisions. The cherry on  top was a personal email we received tonight from Dr. Spears to make sure we were  doing okay and he made sure we didn’t have any other questions. We cannot say  enough good things about the experience we had and the great service we received!”

“Dr. Spears and his staff are amazing! My husband and I took our 6 week old baby in to  get his lip and tongue tie fixed. They were so great with him. They were also very  thorough in explaining the post-op exercises needed for it to completely heal. I was very  pleased overall with our experience.”

- Kelsea G.
"Took my 3mo son here to get his ties cut. Dr Spears and his staff were great. Answered all questions and explained everything in detail before doing anything. They even prayed before they began! Definitely recommend."

- Jessica h.
"My experience at Tennessee Orofacial Myology Clinic has been excellent! I love the online paperwork, all of the reminders I get for appointments, the incredibly friendly staff, and every experience I have had with Dr. Spears! Thank you guys so much for providing excellent services in our community!"

- Rebecca E.
"The best experience I have ever had at a doctor's office. I took my 3 month old & 2 year old for tongues and I could not recommend them more!"

"We were referred here by a friend when I suspected my newborn had a feeding issue due to a lip tie- I can honestly say the team at Crestview Dental Care was the best patient experience I have ever received. From the phone call to set up the appointment, detailed text message with where to park, being greeted and taken back to a room immediately when we walked in, having a lactation consultant present for future care and to answer any questions, the thorough consultation and instructions on my daughters lip tie, the nurse and doctor who educated me not only on the problem itself but answered questions and prayed with my baby before the procedure- I am blown away. One thing I will never forget is how the Dr said he would treat my baby as if it were his own. Crestview won us over and I would highly recommend to anyone who is in need of a consult for a possible lip/tongue tie on their infant. Definitely worth the hour drive. Can’t recommend them enough."

- McKenzie M.

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