Here are some common reasons we see our patients...

- sleep issues (sleep apnea, sleep concerns)

- mouth breathing

- lip or tongue ties

- tongue thrust

- breaking habits such as thumb sucking, pacifier use, nail biting, or lip licking

- tiredness during the day

- TMJ or chronic headaches

What is a tongue tie?

Everyone has what is called a frenum or frenulum. Some people are born with the tissue so tight that they are unable to properly use their tongue. This can affect their breastfeeding abilities and make issues arise later on in life if not dealt with early on. A baby's lip can also be attached too tightly, causing latch issues as well. 


Babies with tongue ties cannot properly latch, causing symptoms like clicking, slow weight gain, reflux, and nipple soreness for moms. The baby cannot get enough milk due to their lack of ability to suction which in turn makes them work harder. This can cause baby to fall asleep at the breast quickly or not want to feed entirely. 

Why haven't I heard about this before? 

Tongue and lip ties have always been an issue. They are actually one of the main reasons bottle feeding has become so popular! When breastfeeding came back into popularity, the issue was revisited. Here at Tennessee Orofacial Myology, we want to get you the knowledge you need about your baby in order to prepare them on a journey for a healthy life. Everything is tied back to the airway and succeeding with breastfeeding greatly impacts one's airway. We pride ourselves on doing our best to stay up to date on these topics. This is why we use a Light Scalpel CO2 Laser and photobiomodulation (PBM) red light laser. These are the "updated versions" of releasing lip and tongue ties. 

More Facts

When toddlers start to eat more solid foods they may struggle swallowing correctly or swallowing at all if they have a tongue tie. We suggest seeing a lactation consultant and body worker as soon as you may suspect a tongue tie. It is an easier healing process both for mom and baby when the tongue or lip tie is addressed as soon as possible. Tongue ties can also affect speech. This is where SLPs and myofunctional therapy may come into play. 

Myofunctional Work

When a tongue tie is not taken care of when the patient is a baby, it can have lasting effects. Problems like a narrow arch, crowded teeth, TMJ, tense neck/shoulders, and mouth breathing are just some of the issues we see patients for everyday. Lip ties, although they may not seem significant, can cause the two front teeth to have an almost permanent gap even after braces. It is important to remember that babies are eventually toddlers, kids, teens, and adults. Let's work together to prevent further headache down the road. 

What is body work?

Body work can be chiropractic, physical therapy, or craniosacral therapy. This helps the baby to work out the tense body posture and begin to relax after a release. 

Why is sleep so important?

50% of the United States snores!

1/4 couples are 'sleep divorced' meaning they sleep in separate beds.

1/5 people around the world have sleep apnea. 80% of those people are undiagnosed

35% of people with obstructive sleep apnea have nasal complaints and nasal obstruction.

96% of people with obstructed sleep apnea prefer an oral appliance over a CPAP but are never given the option. 

WE ARE HERE to give you that option. 

Did you know airway issues lead to downstream issues where the body ravages and becomes more of a complex fix down the line?